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Pretty Modern Colors for your Kitchen Cabinet

Harmony of colors is the main idea that you have to take into consideration in designing your kitchen. Just decide if you want your kitchen’s colors to look soft, striking, contrasted, or matching one another.

Designing a pretty modern kitchen to receive your friends, hold parties, or even attract the buyer’s attention, in case you decide to sell your house, needs coordination and artistic sense. The pretty modern colors are available now in any imaginable color. Lighter colors in general are exiting and spacious. So, it is suitable for the small kitchens. Try to choose the colors that match your cabinet, countertop, sink, and floor. You can use soft colors such as lemon yellow, light blue, or off-white. If you need to attract the attention, the striking colors like bright red, maroon silver, black, or violet colors will be perfect. You may want to design an Italian kitchen. Here you can choose hot colors like olive green or ochre yellow with sponged or textured shape. For a costal look, you may choose a good mix of white and blue.

According to the color of your modern kitchen’s walls, you can decide the color of the cabinet. White cabinets give a sharp and clean look. For traditional look, you can use pastel shades, pale blue or soft yellow. The modern color for a metal cabinet may be the orange, cobalt blue, or candy apple red color. To give your pretty cabinet old worlds feel, apply a coffee glaze to a white cabinet.

Your pretty modern kitchen needs beautiful and practical counters used from granite with colored minerals to reflect the light in your kitchen. Try to choose its color according to your taste. The white color counter always give a summer feeling, while the golden color gives a feeling of richness and elegancy to your pretty kitchen. You need to coordinate between the colors of your countertop and sink.

A pretty modern kitchen’s floor has to be balanced in color. That’s because the light colors will highlight the dirt quickly and attract the attention to the floor instead of the pretty cabinet and countertop, while the dark colors wouldn’t be suitable for the whole kitchen. If you want to choose a wooden floor, try to make it slightly lighter or darker than the cabinet to give some sort of contrast. The following pictures will illustrate our idea.

Pics Via : decozilla

Pics Via : gaiff