Professional House Painting Tips Inspired from the Projects of Island Paint and Decorating

The well-painted wall is a result of high-quality colorants and resins and a professional painter. Thus, if you need to remodel your home yourself, you can make use of such tips and tricks inspired from the projects of Terri Pentz and her team.
As a DIYer, you will be certainly enjoyed with changing the colors of one or more rooms with the help of a friend or family members.

According to the look you intend to create, you will choose the suitable painting tools. In most cases, you will use a roller to paint the large spaces, but you may need to create a cloud-like effect using a dishwashing or a car sponge, a flowing water-like paint using a water sprayer, and straight lines using adhesive tapes. Terri Pentz of Island Paint and Decorating recommend Benjamin Moore painting colors, as they are diverse, innovative, and high performing.

However, you should choose the right paint for the surface of your walls or ceiling, especially if you are painting your kitchen or bathroom to avoid mold and mildew. If you will paint your roof, you can choose acrylic or cement-like paint to resist cracking, flacking, and chalking.

The process of painting your home is the enjoying part of the whole project. You will remove the small fixtures and accessories and cover the large furniture to avoid mess and prepare the wall or ceiling for painting. Now, you can create a smooth look and feel painting every wall before you begin in the second one.

If you will paint your home exterior, try to stick to the historic colors for the architectural details, yet you can use the colors that will blend with the outdoor views or with your interior colors.