Professional Modern Home Décor Ideas by Eminent Interior Design

Are you a fan of the simple and restful life? If so, you will certainly love the modern home style with its clean lines, spacious look, stylish contrast, and low sitting furniture. You will use less accessories and decorative elements, but you should choose every functional and decorative element in the place carefully to provide the place a unique harmony.

The sleek and reflective furniture and finishes have the principle decorative effect upon your modern home, whether such finishes have warm or contrasting colors. In a modern home, Brandi Hagen and the rest of Eminent Interior Design team use a few metallic and glass accessories to match the grey and white walls and furniture with a touch of color in the living room.

The geometric shaped wall accessories in the tailored modern townhome enhance the stylish and formal look of the dining room in the same home.

In your considerably large home, you can use a combination of warm colors and personal accessories to create a sophisticated look. Brandi Hagen and Eminent Interior Design create an open design space and use a gallery of personal framed pictures in to decorate the living area with an adjacent dining space that has open shelves to display a unique collection of kitchenware.

The sustainable and organic decorative elements can enhance the warm and natural look of your modern home. Eminent Interior Design team members display the Tyrol Hill modern kitchen homeowner’s kitchenware collection above the cabinet with a skylight at the adjacent wall to create harmony with the photovoltaic solar panels and the geothermal heating and cooling system in the place. You can still create a modern look using Asian-inspired decorative elements such as a soothing backdrop with a hint of vivacious color, paper lanterns or sculptural light, and fragrances of nature.