Professional Stylish Touches You Can Inspire from Kittrell Designs

Do you prefer to make your own design and d├ęcor decisions to provide your home a professional look? The good news is that you can inspire a few professional ideas from talented designers such as Kittrell and her team and apply them with your own touch.

Using colors and textures professionally creates a visual interest and harmony in your home. You can apply the rule of three colors in a certain room, but it will be a good trick to combine such colors using a large painting that include such colors with their portions in the room. Try to reduce the patterned elements in your modern home using just a patterned area rug or pillows to enhance the stylish and simple look in the place.

The art of dealing with small spaces will affect the function and look of your home. If you have a small kitchen, you can inspire professional ideas from such a townhome remodeled by Kittrell Associates Interior Designs where the team members remove the wall between the kitchen and dining area to increase the storage spaces and create an island and a dining area into the kitchen. In the bathroom, the team members create a functional, stylish, and spa-like space using a double sink with a vanity and a storage tower, a rectangular tub, and a steam shower.

Using similar shapes in a certain modern room creates harmony in the place. For example, the round shaped chairs and nightstand in a philharmonic house designed by Kittrell and her team create a perfect look with the chandelier and pots of fresh plants providing the place a stylish professional look.

If you can find the perfect space to display your accessories, framed pictures, or paintings and choose the suitable spotlights to provide them a stylish look, your home will look perfect.