Professional Tips for Your Small Bathroom Remodel by Daniels Design and Remodeling

Whether you intend to begin your bathroom remodel from scratch or refresh its look, you should just organize your ideas and make use of the interior designers’ tips to avoid the common mistakes. Here are a few tips inspired by Daniels’ bathroom remodels to help you take the right decisions.

Your bathroom design will differ according to the size of your bathroom, the style of the place, and the mood you need to create. In all cases, you should measure the place and realize its dimensions to adjust the scales in the place.

One of the bathroom design common mistakes is to install the toilet in front of the door, yet you can install the sink and vanity with a large mirror instead. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, such a mirror will reflect the natural light coming from the facing room and refresh the look of the place.

In your small bathroom, you should make use of the vertical walls and the corners to free up more floor space. For example, you can install floor-to-ceiling or built-in cabinets beside the vanity with a shower cabin at the corner and a bathtub in the available space. The floating shelves with natural stone surfaces and neutral colors will certainly provide the place a spacious look. You can use a tiny bathtub with a corner sink with vanity and a showerhead above the bathtub in your small bathroom.

If you intend to refresh the look of your small bathroom, try to use white and sleek surfaces in addition to colorful functional accessories such as the sensitive soap or toothpaste dispensers and faucets. You can refresh the look of your small bathroom using different options of LED bulbs including warm white, pure white, natural white and colorful lights will create an incredible effect in your small bathroom.