Professional Tips to Decorate Your home for Different Occasions by Garrison Hullinger

The best way to gather all of your family members and friends is to hold parties in your home or garden. If you need to decorate your home for such occasions, Garrison Hullinger and his team can help you with the following tips.

If you have a personal occasion and intend to decorate your home, you should define your budget and the focal point of your decorative elements. The fireplace with its mantel can be a suitable focal point for both of your home and party. If you will decorate the place with a natural theme, Hullinger team members provide you an advice you to use a large decorative piece such as a painting, a clock, or a fresh flower vase along with accessories with different heights and visual weights.

If you will receive your guests in your dining room or kitchen, you can use fresh magnolia leaves or natural evergreens at the corners of the room or beside the windows. Such natural element will fit several occasions, as Hullinger says” I’m not really a theme person… I’m all about comfort.

” You should consider the type of your occasion and the nature of your guests to decorate the place perfectly. For example, if your guests will come at evening and have their dinner, the golden accessories with a bold colored tablecloth will be perfect options.

To decorate your home for the coming spring, you can use fresh colored fabrics such as green beddings with white and brown accents or neutral beige with pastel blue curtains. Instead, Garrison Hullinger and his team recommend painting the walls a new color, painting just the trims and doors, installing new curtains, and avoiding the boxy furniture. Try to enhance the natural light getting into your home to complete the airy decorative elements used in the place.