Purple Room Decor Ideas

Why do you have to opt purple color for your room? Purple is a joyful. So if your kids are a bit miserable, you should use purple color. It is considered the most popular color for children and teenagers bedrooms as well as playgrounds. This color will bring a dramatic appeal to your room. If you decided to decorate a room in purple color, then you will be smart and have a high end taste but firstly read these gorgeous purple room decor ideas.

Since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we can use purple color for painting the walls of the kitchen in order to enjoy a bit of royalty.

Some gold lampshades with subtle black patterns can break the boredom.

To make the room looks modern and inviting, use color lighting which fills the air with a purple hue.

In order to enhance the purple color in the room, try handing out a variety of purple glass, silver metallic and highly textured sage green accessories on shelves and other spaces around the room.

What should you do to add purple color touches to the room? Simply, wall decorations and special drapery can help you achieve that.

To make your room looks smaller, go for painting a deep, dark purple.

For amazing look to your room, add accents such as purple pillar candles, fan pulls and even a royal scepter for the nightstand.

Dark wood furniture with deep gold upholstery goes along with purple accents.

If you want elegance and inactivity, go for a royal purple area rug.

If you are a young beautiful girl, you can go for pastel shades in your bedroom, as pastel shades can grant you feminine manifestation.

Remember, you have to balance the pink and purple shades with other colors throughout the room in order not to get overpowering appearance.

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about gorgeous purple room decor.