Quick and brief guidelines to distinguish between the different design styles

When you are going to furnish your entire home or even to add few items inside your home, you may feel so confused what to choose and you may also need to choose first the furniture style and then finish your décor according to it. That’s why we concern to write about the different styles to help you pick the one that will fit your taste and need.
There are various styles from traditional, classic and to modern and contemporary and all these styles have other branches too. Let’s take a look and talk about each of them in few details and then you can pick the ideal one for you.

Tradition style is popularly known for the warm and homely feel that it spreads inside any home. Wood is the basic material of this style which is rich and warm as cherry or mahogany. The fabrics are also characterized by various patterns from floral to plaids ones. The colors tend also to be warm and rich to set a mood inside your room. At the same time, metal can be integrated into this style but specific ones like bronze or brass.

Classical style has as above-mentioned many branches including Victorian, French Provincial, Tudor, Louis XV, Georgian. These categories are advisable if you love the originals and royalty. All of these categories have slight differences but they all share the same regarding some features like: the homely feel like the traditional one but they are richer and warmer besides being ornate and with more quality as they integrated into a museum.

After the World War II, the modern style has been arisen as it is an up-to-date style to suit the new era. This style tends to be sleek, clean and geometric lines with a maximum comfort and functionality. It is always popular for its solid colors and it has also different categories -like the classic one- as Southwest, Lacquers, Retro (50s-60s designs), Art Deco.

Finally, the contemporary style is another modernized and fashionable school that begins from the70s-90s till now. It is like modern in the look but it includes glass, metal, and smooth woods, colors combinations and neutrals too.