RAWTATION Furniture, The Best of Both Worlds

People have always thought of different ideas and ideologies when it comes to choosing and doing things. Needless to say, this apply to all things including furniture design. However, this does not have to be the case, and some designers have proved that you could bring the best of two different worlds together into one. Adi-Zaffran’s furniture is one proof for that.

Adi-Zaffaran have been studying the rotational molding industrial process of plastic for a while now. He has discovered that it is possible to use elements from both organic and industrial materials to bring us beauty embodied by his designs. This process (rotational molding) is highly simple. It creates a delightful contrast that appeals to the eyes of the majority.

Natural elements like, twigs, branches and leaves are combined with molding plastic in incredible harmony to give us the gorgeous pieces we see.

Adi-Zaffran uses the concept of contrast in his designs in many ways. Looking at the pieces, we see more than combining molded plastic and tree branches. The pieces look simple but in the same time has that hard-to-perceive beauty that makes you look at them again and again. They are gorgeous but considerably affordable.

The pieces look fragile but at the same time sturdy like any regular type of furniture you buy. Also, the contrast game is at full play here by using colors like black, yellow and white.

Rawtation furniture will be the ultimate addition to your modern house. It will give it a touch of sophisticated beauty and it will not even burn holes in your pocket. I especially recommend the coffee table and end table pieces for a “wow” effect on your guests.