Some Reasons Why You Should Choose Wallpapers Instead of Paint

It is a widely known fact that wall paint is the easiest way to change how your room looks. However, for some reasons, many people have chosen wallpapers over wall paints. We shall discuss here why people are using wallpapers to renew their walls and whether or not they are right at doing so.

1- Wallpapers are cheap. Certainly, a roll of wallpapers and some adhesive is much cheaper than few cans of paint. Sometimes they are not just few cans of paint. Sometimes you need more than one layer of paint to get the needed effect. You might also need to fix cracks and flaws in your walls fearing the risk that they would show after painting. This is never the case with wallpapers.

2- Wall papers are easier to apply than paint. All you need is the wallpapers and the adhesive. No more long hours at painting the walls covering them with coat after coat of paint, and then waiting longer hours for the paint to dry out.

3- Wallpapers are easy to peal off and replace. This makes wallpapers an excellent choice for your kids’ bedrooms. Every few months your kids will take a liking to a new idol or a new carton hero. You cannot show their love for these icons easily with paint. However, you could get pictures of these heroes online, get them printed and then cover the walls with them.

4- Wallpapers are relatively safe. You will not worry about your kids touching wet paint or getting it into their eyes or their mouths. You will not have to lock the room and force your kids to sleep somewhere else until the paint dries out.

5- Unlike paint, wallpapers look the same in both sunlight and artificial light. Moreover you will not have to worry about colors looking different in the can than on walls.

Wallpapers are a great affordable choice for renewing your walls. They are easy to apply and peel off. Your kids will love them and you yourself will love them after seeing their effects on your rooms.

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Pics Via : primetimepaint