4 Reasons Why You Should Install Shower Screens In Your Bathroom

Most people nowadays install shower glass screens inside their bathrooms. The glass may be clear or blurry. It may have patterns and colors or be solid looking. It gives modern bathrooms the ultimate sleek look they need (modern styles and designs just LOVE glass). There are some reasons why you should get glass screens for your shower.

1- Shower glass screens are easy to clean. What if you have some shower curtains that has weird spots and moldy stains? You will – obviously – need to un-hang them to clean and brush off these stains with soap and detergents. You will not have to deal with that with a shower screen. You only need to wet a cloth with some soap and wipe off the stain.

2- Some bathrooms gain their gorgeous look from where they were constructed. Like these beautiful bathroom installed in a converted attic with a sloping ceiling. However such spaces are difficult to deal with especially if they were turned into bathrooms. How will you hang a shower curtain in there? And If you managed to measure and attach the curtain rod right, how will you measure the fabric needed for the shower curtain? A glass screen will easily spare you all these problems.

3- You must not underestimate how glass helps you in small spaces, and as we all know, most of us live in small spaces. Glass reflects light and its clear, clean look makes the area around it look more spacious. Therefore, not only will you have an elegant bathroom, but one that looks bigger as well.

4- Glass screen completely closes off the shower – and – bath space from the rest of the bathroom. Sometimes, accidents in bathrooms happen because they slip on its wet tiles after stepping off from the shower. This will not happen with a shower-glass screen door. So, What do you think about shower screens so far? Would you like to try them out?

Pics Via : industrystandarddesign

Pics Via : kingsbathroom