5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Shower Curtain

Everyone has a shower and a bath at their homes. However, most people do not have a separate showering and bathing spaces at their homes because of limited budget and limited space issues, so they get a combined space for bathing and showering. The question here is: should they get shower glass doors or shower curtains? I think the answer should be the curtains for the following reasons:

1- Shower curtains colors the bathroom with your personality. The prints and designs a shower curtain has say a lot about who you are and what you consider your bathroom to be.

2- Shower curtains can be replaced easily. So, if you need to clean your shower curtains (not that it will need much cleaning if it was made of waterproof material), or they have some kind of flaw you need to fix, you can easily take them of their rod and replace them.

3- They are the easiest way of giving your bathroom the accent effect it needs. Lets say your bathroom follows a minimalist design, like very-clean and very-simple lines and colors, and you think that the result is very-barren. Break that look with a lovely shower curtain with bold striped patterns.

4- A shower curtain – no matter what design and material it is in – is always cheaper than glass doors or glass sheets. Choosing a glass door for your shower always means you have more money to spare, but it does not always mean the effect will be better than a shower-curtain look.

5- A shower curtain does not lock steam in the shower space like glass doors do. Some might say that holding steam inside is better for your skin and beauty, and that it makes the cleaning process more thorough, but this can be really dangerous and many people die in the shower because they were suffocated with steam. Shower curtains are the ultimate bathroom accessory. They make any bathroom –modern or traditional – tres chic.


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