3 Reasons Why You Should Never Use White Slipcovers

Slipcovers (for those who are new in the field of d├ęcor maintenance) are lengths of fabric cut and sewn so that you could put them on your furniture (specifically couches, chairs, and sofas) to protect them from dust, stains and other unfortunate accidents. There are some reasons why you should never use white slipcovers, some are obvious and some are not.

1- White slipcovers get dirty all the time, and by this, we mean on a daily basis. It even gets worse if you have children or pets running around. The smallest stains will stick like a sore thump on white slipcovers. You will find yourself in a daily process of taking them of your furniture then washing and drying them.

2- That all of your slipcovers are white might be too much white. If you have everything covered with white your room will seem too barren and uncomfortable for your guests. This much white is okay for a bathroom or a kitchen maybe but not in a living room. You enjoy snow at charismas but you do not want to see it all year around.

3- Some clothes are dyed in colors that might stain your white slipcovers. Dark denim and other similar fabrics are dyed with such dyes. You will find yourself fidgeting and worried if your partner or guests who are wearing these clothes sat on your furniture. Moreover, the resulting stains do not wash very easily. So if you do not want to lose your mind waiting for the problem to happen choose slipcovers with other colors. White is a great color. However, it is not to be used anywhere in any quantity, and certainly not when tailoring slipcovers.

Pics Via : cotedetexas