5 Reasons Why You Should Use Scrap-wood Furniture

Scrap-wood furniture is the type of furniture that is made of old pieces of wood after they have been fixed and treated. To make scrap-wood furniture you use any old pieces of wood you manage to find and rub the pieces with sand paper until they are smooth and use glue, bolts and screws to attach the pieces together. In this article, there are a few reasons that will encourage you to use scrap-wood furniture.

1- By using scrap wood you will contribute to saving rainforests from deforestation. Forests are being destroyed to make lumber for furniture. Destroying rainforests is a very serious problem and by using scarp-wood you are doing your own little part of saving them.

2- A lot of the wood used for making scrap-wood furniture is made from wood discarded and tossed into rivers, lakes and sees. By using this wood you are cleaning water bodies from discarded wood, thus contributing to water conservation process.

3- Some types of wood are made by cutting trees that face extinction like some types of Cedar, Oak, Baobab and Rosewood. Therefore, the law forbids using any of these trees for making furniture. So, how is scrap-wood made from them? By restoring wood used in old or broken furniture that was tossed away. When doing that you will find valuable wood pieces from such trees.

4- Compared to other types of furniture scrap-wood is very affordable. You will only need money for sandpaper, glue, bolts and screws. The rest is just your own effort.

5- It is very sturdy and durable Since it has suffered different elements of nature (wind, water etc), it is understandable that it will survive much longer after being treated and maintained. It is not every day that you find furniture that is affordable, easy (and fun too) to make, and by making it you are helping conserve nature.