Recommendations for Childproofing the Kitchen

The kitchen is a common place for injuries and accidents mostly if there are toddlers or children in the house. No matter how dangerous it can be kids love to explore the environment around them. So what can parents do to help their child avoid such regretful incidents in the kitchen? Here are some recommendations that really help you childproof the kitchen.

Depending on the age of your child, you can decide on the measures of childproofing the kitchen. Try to put yourself in your child’s shoes. See what can be tempting for him? What can the child reach? Then, figure out what you should do in order to protect him.

Generally speaking, items like the blenders and mixers shall be kept on high shelves. Children can reach bottom shelves of the kitchen easily and mess around with sharp blades and other dangerous parts of these appliances.

Besides, install magnetic locks on cabinet doors even if the bottom cabinets are empty. Children may try to pull the shelves themselves. They may also hide in there or use the shelves to climb up. You never know how far children can go.

Needless to mention, ensure that knives, utensils, glass cups, dishes and other kitchen accessories are out of the child’s reach. These can be extremely dangerous for children. Always put such items in higher shelves.

While cooking, try to keep your child away of the kitchen as much as possible. At least, prevent your child from getting near hot surfaces such as the stove, oven, grill, etc. You can get a safety gate to keep your child out of the kitchen when necessary.

Even if you are not cooking, you need to childproof the stove and oven. Children are usually fascinated by stove knobs which could release gas into the house and the rest is known. Therefore, you need to get stove guards or stove knob covers. If these do not work, simply turn off the gas knob when you are not cooking. Another, keep the oven door locked if you are not in the kitchen; your child might love to stand on the oven open door.

It is clear that kitchen and children are not a good combination at all. So, do your best when it comes to childproofing the kitchen. At that moment, you can enjoy meals and beverages with your family.

Pics Via : teenydinosaurs