Recyclable Cardboard Furniture

Cardboard is a durable, eco-friendly, and inexpensive material that can produce tables, chairs, shelves, small toys, clothing accessories, and jewelry. It passes through a special machine to be recycled up to seven times to create easy to assemble furniture for the repeatedly moving people.

Cardboard furniture is considered as a new trend of saving the environment and developing your lifestyle at the same time. It is made of durable cardboard, hidden screws, and cut outs to form creative furniture with different shapes, designs, and colors. Afterwards, cardboard could be recycled to create more light weighted and durable furniture to save millions of trees that could be cut to manufacture wooden furniture.

The corrugated cardboard that has no wax covering, and is not chemically-treated could be recycled. The recycling process has several stages. First, all the attachments are removed to keep a pure cardboard. Then, they maintain its durability by soaking the cardboard into the water to form a pulp which is mixed with wood pulp and go through a special machine that corrugates the mix to be put between two liner boards. You can help in this process by collecting your previously used cardboard in a compact bale to be recycled.

Cardboard furniture is perfect for people on the go, such as the college students, because it is easy to be assembled. The military members who need light weighted furniture will prefer the cardboard basic and simple furniture because it is functional, durable, and light weight. If you are an artist and want to transfer your furniture into marvelous works of art, try to choose the cardboard furniture items because they only need some creativity and steady hands to create whatever you want. The good news is that you can change your works of art without paying much money.

Pics Via : greendiary