Interior Design 4

Redecorate your living room on a limited budget

Living room is the heart of the house it is where the whole family meet and share time and different activities such as watching TV , welcoming guests , reading or speaking about important matters for the family. Your living room is the main room to represent you and your family preferences and tastes to your guests .

Decorating over you living room could be a costly step to take , yet adding some new touches to your living room can give you the effect of a whole new room without the need to spend too much .

If your living room walls are painted in lighter colors and you want to add life to your living room then instead of repainting the whole room just paint one wall a focal bold color or have different shades of colors on one wall .

Take off all or your wall drawings and artworks and move them over put each piece in different places where they will have the most impact , or you can even exchange the artworks of different rooms together to add a new and non ordinary touch to your room .

Small details make a huge difference ,buying new curtains will make wonders in renewing your whole living room over look without a big expense . If you don’t have enough money to buy new furniture then just consider buying throws over your sofas , cover your cushions with bold colored fabrics that will match your paintings works .

Use new tablecloths over your coffee tables along with a few decorative items such as new vases candle sticks will accomplish the task of renewing the over look of your living room in an affordable way.

Rugs always succeed in adding richness to any room and they are available in cheap prices so if you have carpets already covering them with some rugs will fulfill the desired result .

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