Redecorating Your House with Console Tables

When you redecorate a room in your house, you’re most likely to opt for new pieces of furniture. However, you will but prefer those pieces that combine elegance and functionality rolling up in one piece. One of those pieces that are reigning supreme is console table. That rectangular table doesn’t only offer a countertop space but also a storage space for it’s usually contains shelves and drawers. They could be extremely practical in storing away magazine or books in the living room, containing beauty products in bedrooms, or putting extra plates in your dining rooms, etc. Couple with that the beauty of the countertop while holding a lamp, a vase with fresh blooms, or exhibiting your favorite pieces of art. It would give any room a spellbinding look.

When it comes to choosing the color and material of your console table, seek one that’s not dark colored for it will make the room look small. So for a relatively small room, choose a modern console table. Modern consoles, with their bold sleek geometric lines, and their light colors, could evidently brighten up the place, especially if they are made with glass tops. Also make sure the material matches the nearby window sills, or the color of the flooring.

A wooden console table will give your room a rich and natural look, especially if you’re seeking the antique style. With a beautiful lamp on top and a small rug under, you can bring out the color of the wood. If you have a large room, check out curio consoles, they are to be put along the back wall in living rooms and you can accent them with a pair of sconces or pieces of art on each side.

The availability and versatility of shapes, styles and colors of console tables are myriad. Console tables are rectangular, but some may be round or half circled. Some come with lots of drawers or a cabinet; others come with lower shelves for displaying things. They vary in size but they range between two to four feet in length, one or two feet in breadth, and stand about waist high. For that specific versatility, narrow down your choices by measuring the available space and deciding the top material and color that will fit best with the overall theme of the room.

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