Interior Design 4

Refresh Your Home with Simple Natural Elements by Green Couch Interior Design Team

Do you love to spend most of your time in the outdoor garden or your front-water or hillside home? What about bringing a touch of this feel to launch a vignette into the perfection of your home? If you like the idea, this article will provide you a few professional ideas to bring that natural beauty to your home using rock, wood, green elements, and sunlight.

The style and location of your home will help you define the natural elements you can corporate into the place. For example, you can use the terrarium’s technique and display exposed small and hearty plants in different parts of your traditional American home. Jeff and Tray Schlarb use living Asian plants, a natural stone focal point wall, and wood furniture to refresh the neutral colored Black Hawk home.

Your contemporary or modern home may need a water feature, a colorful bloom of lush flowers, or even a high-tech interior herb garden. However, if you have a waterfront or hillside home such as the Hill Residence decorated by the Green Couch team, you can use just a few green elements in the corners to let the outdoor views overwhelm the place with their magic.

In a cow hollow residence in San Francisco, the Green Couch team members create a unique wow factor using a fur-like chandeliers and pillows in addition to fresh natural colors.

The color is an effective, yet traditional way to provide your home a lively and fresh look. You can bring a beach look into the place painting the walls white or ivory colors along with pops of blue and starfish, shells, or coral accessories. If you have a modern four-season home, you can just place a vase of fresh flowers on the coffee table to revive the look of the place.