Refreshing Spring Decorations for a Windowless Room

It is widely known that spring means fresh air, natural views, and colorful surrounding. However, you can still give your home a spring fell even if a certain room does not have windows at all or just has a small window.Here you will find alternative ways to give your home a refreshing spring look.

The natural potted plants at different corners of your windowless room with the suitable artificial light will refresh the look of the place greatly. If such plants have fresh scents, you will gather the fresh look with feel and you will completely forget that the room is windowless. For example, you can plant mint, lavender, or lemon in the room or place a small pot of fresh herbs like basil beside the frame of the window.

Additionally, you can place fresh fruits or vegetables in a glass or a colorful plate on one of the room’s tables to, completely, refresh the look and feel of the place.

Instead, you can paint the room vivid colors like the shades of green and pastel colors to create a pleasant look in the windowless room. The refreshing scents may need a natural long lasting spray, fragrance oils, fragrant pillows and pads, or scented candles. Such scents will certainly evoke the pleasant memories and positive emotions creating a romantic and refreshing look at the same time.

If your windowless room is a living or dining room, you can trick your guests’ eye installing an interesting light colored curtain or hanging a framed mirror on one of the large walls. The small window will bring the needed amount of natural light, even if it is installed towards another room; so, try to open the space for such light that will refresh the look and feel of the room greatly.

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