Relaxing Sustainable Decorative Elements by Kristianne Watts

The energy efficient sources, recycled materials, and green decorative elements are the main features of sustainable home designs. Such a sustainable home is an ideal space to relax alone or spend amusing times with your family members in cozy environments. The projects of Kristianne Watts of KW Designs will certainly inspire you to apply professional sustainable ideas in your new or existing home.

When you mention the modern sustainable home décor, the Bird Rock home in the south of California designed by Kristianne Watts will be your ideal model. In such a home, Kristianne and her team create geometric shaped architectural details with sleek natural stone accent walls to combine the coziness and luxury of costal look with a stylish modern touch.

To create this look, Kristianne’s team members use innovative materials such as wood-like porcelain floor tiles, glossy olive wood laminate cabinets, glass stair-railings, green plants, and colorful artworks and throw pillows in the entryway and different rooms.

It is a great idea to provide your home a sustainable look bringing the outdoor decorative elements into the place. In a Bungalow coastal home, Kristianne creates a natural beauty using natural-inspired decorative and design elements such as wooden floor and furniture, white oak entryway floor, neutral colors such as white and grey, slide doorway systems, and open plan concept. In a Solana Canyon home, Kristianne and her team bring the outdoor flair using unique architectural details, large spaces, and ecological elements.

To decorate such sustainable homes, Kristianne recommends the low or zero-VOC paint, double-paned windows, and environmentally responsible products. The suitable recycled accessories and decorative elements such as organic linens, colorful wastebaskets, and affordable accents are the best final additions in such a sustainable home.