Relaxing Vacation Home Features from Andrea Bartholick Pace Interior Design

The vacation house is a second home you can use through the vacations to spend enjoying times. The fascinating natural views surrounding your vacation house usually set the mood and theme of the place even without accessories. If you already have one or intend to construct a new house, you can make use of Andrea Bartholick Pace’s designs.

Your vacation house can be on the beach, in the forest, or even on a mountain cliff; so, its furniture arrangement and décor will differ accordingly. The Mediterranean and beach themes will be perfect choices in your beach vacation house. The Pebble Beach Mediterranean estate designed by Andréa’s team can provide you inspiration for your new vacation home.

The home features wooden furniture, large windows, collections of seashells, and natural plants to create an airy and vivid look. The home includes plenty of beds for the family members and their expected friends.

If you create a vacation house among the natural views, the tropical theme will be a perfect option. You use elements from Carmel Valley Contemporary home such as the sleek cherry wooden cabinets, modern golden pendant lights, high-end appliances, and wooden floor, as they will certainly blend with the outdoor greenery. If you prefer the traditional tropical design, you can create an open design home with natural materials and beige, brown, and green colors in addition to tropical plants inside the home.

In case you have a vacation house on a mountain cliff, the Mountain Ranch at Santa Lucia Preserve will be your perfect inspiration. The fireplace is surrounded by Santa Maria stone and the sand color overwhelms the place to create harmony with the outdoor views. The low ceilings and warm feel of the private residence designed by Andrea Bartholick can match your vacation house in any setting.