Remodel your Living Room

Your living room is used mainly for your personal relaxation and to recieve your friends. So, it will need to have both of the relaxation and active moods. You can remodel your living room whenever you want to let your visitors know that you are a stylish and elegant family, but try to make sure that your room is still active and relaxing.

Your living room should reflect your habits, aesthetics, and cultural qualities; so, you will need to choose the decoration of the room carefully. You can paint your living room bright colors such as light orange or beige to achieve the active mood and use soft colored candles or strong but small sized incandescent with a few energy-efficient scattered fluorescent bulbs to be used to spread the relaxation mood in the room whenever it is needed. It would be nice if you can think in a more practical way. You can keep your ceiling, floor, and walls in neutral colors to be able to change the decor of your living room regularly. In this case, you can easily remodel your room changing your curtains, pillows, and vase of fresh flowers.

Remodeling your living room may include the structure of your ceiling. You can install a ceiling molding made of plywood temper with different patterns that has spotlights and down lights. To get an antique and stylish looking ceiling, you can install an opaque frosted glass panel with geometrical patterns that will sparkle in the natural or artificial light. The color, texture, and pattern of your floor can be remodeled according to the style of your decoration.

The place of your window is very important in your living room, because it fills the room with the fresh air and the hygienic sun rays. At the winter, you can add a coat of deep red oil paint and heavy Oriental rug to add more warmth to your living room.