Remote Control Curtains – Motorized Curtains

The motorized items are invented to make man’s life easier and more comfortable. The new technological advance becomes clear in most of the modern and ultra-modern furniture to give you a chance to enjoy your life. The motorized curtains come with a remote control to save your time and effort. You can have a curtain in every room with one or more remote controls.

The remote controlled curtain has many advantages that will help you get a better life. You will be able to open your curtain while you are lying on your bed to recharge your power from the refreshing sun rays, and you can awake all of your family members quickly. This remote will give you the ability to control the amount of light coming to your room according to the nature of activities made in the room. This motorized way will be perfect for the curtains that are difficult to reach and for the sick or disabled people who can’t reach the curtains.

You will find various kinds of motorized curtains such as the home theater and the sound proof curtains that will enable you to control the light and sounds inside or outside your home. The motorized curtain may come with a timer to let the light fill your room while you are at work; then, it is closed to prepare a relaxing mood before you are back to your lovely home. You can get a remote control that opens all of the curtains simultaneously.

The curtain comes with its kit and instructions. The kit consist of a DC motor, a power supply, screws, extra rails, rails links, hooks, curtain cable, wall brackets, ceiling brackets, and a remote control. The motor can be installed on the right or left side of the track. This kit will give you a complete control of the curtain, as you can open the two parts or open one part slightly according to the mood you need. Furthermore, you can open or close the curtain, the blind, and the shutter using the same remote control.