Retro Kitchen Design Inspirations

The retro-designed kitchen can surely bring a peaceful and original feeling to your charming kitchen. Such a design is widely used for the modern kitchens to blend the technological advancement with the durability of the mid-century items. Designing this kitchen doesn’t need a considerable amount of money; yet, it will need special skills to mix the modern and retro designs successfully.

The retro design can be reflected in the color, appliances, and furniture of your kitchen. Try to paint your walls retro-inspired colors such as buttercup yellow, green, candy red, flaming pink, white, or blue. The retro-looking appliances can be found in the stores of the companies that manufacture these items, in the estate sales and auctions, and on the online auctions.

Try to find stainless steel toasters and blenders, new stoves and refrigerators with retro-look, and large retro dining area for your guests. Another way to get a charming retro kitchen is to get real vintage appliances that are renewed using modern parts, to result in a balanced mix of the retro and modern designs. This kind of appliances comes with a wide variety of colors that will match any kitchen.

The wooden furniture and floor will complete your retro kitchen design. The wall mounted cabinet with glass knobs will be a great way to hide your kitchen items or show the beautiful backing scales and framed pictures. You can paint them to mimic the prevailing look into your kitchen. The table and chairs can be made of vinyl frames with laminate or glass back and tabletops. The breakfast bar can have a storage space underneath for your utensils and food. The kitchen stool can reflect a vintage look by its red leather top.

You should notice the small touches, such as installing silver taps and light switches instead of the gold or bronze colored fixtures. There are other alternatives to the wooden floor like the retro-looking linoleum and tiles. Your retro inspired kitchen will be completed by a few kinds of lights, such as the track light, Victorian-styled lamps, colorful ball lamps, hanging lamps, and pendant lighting.

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