Retro style – Let’s go Retro!

The whole world is now turning retro in designs, but what is retro furniture? Let’s differentiate between three terms first, when it comes to furniture an antique is an item that is over 100 years old, a vintage is an item less than 100 years old and needs a lot of work to be usable again and retro is less than 100 years but it describes a style and not a state. So, retro style is bringing items from the 30s till the 90s back to life. Retro style is all about this nostalgic feeling and warmth it brings to our homes.

There are variety of retro items that you can bring to your home to have that nostalgic feeling once you step inside your home. One of the most famous things in kitchens is the 50s dining tables, they are warm and elegant. Another thing in kitchens is the diner style of the 1950s as well, they are totally lovely and known.

Cone lamps are also retro items that can be placed in living rooms. A jukebox is one of the most famous, familiar and favourite retro items that can be placed at your house, everybody loves jukeboxes and they can be hooked up to an mp3 player to have a wider variety of music or leave them with the classic taste of Elvis and The Beatles.

Retro items are very much avai lable with a wide range of choices, chairs, side tables and mirror frames are excellent pieces to choose. Retro, of course, is all about excellence and uniqueness that is why sometimes it get a bit costy, yet there are some thrift shops that can give you nice vintage pieces but they might need to be worked on. Retro style brings sophistication and elegance to your house, the pieces you choose have a lot to say about your taste so put your mark and let them know you better!