The Right Places to Mount your Flat Screen TV

You may think that you can simply mount your flat screen on the wall and enjoy watching TV. This can be partially right, but there are several techniques to mount that screen in different parts in your home. Here are a few place ideas you can mount your flat screen on.

Your TV can be mounted on a free wall at the level of your seating area to comfort your eye and neck. This place should have a perfect lighting system to reduce the eye strain and try to look outside the screen regularly to comfort your eyes. Several people prefer to mount the flat screen above the modern or traditional fireplaces to give the place an aesthetic look. You can mount your flat screen on the door of your closet or even on the footboard of the bed itself and adjust the TV to the right angle to watch your favorite programs before bedtime.

To add a different look in your living room, you can install your flat screen inside the frame of your perfect sized fireplace, but you will need to create low seating area to be at your eye level. The flat screen custom riser will let you watch TV while cooking and moving around your kitchen. Such a riser will enable you to move the TV to the back, front, and different angles according to your needs. You can even incorporate the TV to your kitchen appliances and backsplashes, but be sure that it will be waterproofed.

The flat screen mounted in front of your bathtub will let you spend enjoying time soaking into the bubbles of the water. When you decide to mount this flat screen on the wall, try to choose the near window coverings carefully to reduce the glare of the natural light that can be reflected on your TV.

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