Romantic Bedroom Features by Raymond Jimenez to Impress You

The romantic bedroom can help you forget the whole world and remember just beauty smoothness, and cleanness around you. To create this look, you should co-ordinate the lighting with texture and color and use soft fabrics, mirrors, and use relaxing decorative elements.

The romantic designs don’t mean necessarily red fabrics and candles, yet you can achieve such a look using balanced neutral colors, grass-cloth wallpaper, a large mirror behind the headboard, metal and glass furniture, fluffy and luxurious bedding, crystal chandelier, and LED hidden lights just like this mid-century feminine bedroom designed by Raymond Jimenez of RS3 Designs. Jimenez and her team apply the same neutral idea in a transitional bedroom in Miami making use of the marvelous views of the outdoor beach, the spotlights above the headboard, and the luxurious rug.

To combine the romantic look with a clean modern space, Raymond Jimenez utilizes white leather bed, similar porcelain floor, seashell-like wallpaper, dropped ceiling, and hidden LED light in a Miami master bedroom. Such a hidden light with its white or colorful options can create a filtered light and soft glow to provide the place a perfect sexy feel.

You can use furniture pieces with graceful curves and sparkling accessories and create a balance in the place with masculine striped fabrics. If you feel that the masculine look dominates your bedroom, you can just cover the bed and pillows with smooth stain sheets and use aphrodisiac incense to highlight the romantic feel in the place.

The last personal touches such as scents, sensibility, calming sounds, clean views, fresh flowers, lace curtains, candlelight have their magical effect upon your romantic bedroom. The further personal details can help your spouse feel that he is important for you; so, you can use decorative touches from his or her favorite country, hobby, or art field.