Romantic Bedroom Ideas Inspired from Jona Collins Interior Design

The romantic touch has an incredible effect upon your bedroom and your whole life. Such a touch can be simply a glamorous chandelier, patterned fabrics, a canopy bed, a bunch of rose petals, room fragrance, or stain and faux fur bedding.

An inspiring way to provide your traditional bedroom a romantic feel is the color. Jona Collins recommends using a golden accent color with white or black background or a bold accent color with soft fabrics. In St Helena rustic bedrooms, Collins and her team use a blue patterned canopy bed with faux fur throws and fresh red flowers in the master bedroom and patterned wallpaper with a black Candler and white fresh flowers in the kids’ room to enhance the romantic look of the place.

The off-white or light grey colors with a touch of black will bring the romantic feel to your modern bedroom perfectly. Such a room will need bright natural light during the day and soft battery-operated votive candlelight throughout the night. Instead, you can use the existing dimmer switch along with a well-positioned mirror to reflect the soft light and fascinating room fragrances to provide your bedroom a relaxing romantic feel.

The romantic bedroom elements will help your young daughter feel as a princess whenever she gets in her room. The Pacific Heights girl bedroom decorated by Jona Collins will certainly inspire you with its unique balance of pink patterned and plain fabrics and elegant French details such as the floor-to-ceiling drapes, antique fireplace, and upholstered canopy bed.

You will certainly choose the color of your curtain according to the fabrics or wallpaper, but try to use dark or bold shades to block out the natural light whenever you need. To keep this romantic look, try to keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free all the time refreshing the room during the day.