Romantic Outdoor Canopy Beds

Visualize sleeping in a canopy bed in your outdoors while the shiny stars surround the moon and enjoy dreamy and romantic sense of tranquility. When you add a canopy bed to a bedroom you will change the overall look to be charming and fascinating. Canopy creates the sense of a private oasis away from the rest of the world.

If you want to be creative, place outdoor canopy beds near a swimming pool. That will give the ambient environment elegance and extravaganza.

To make your canopy bed more beautiful, add a chandelier; this works best in a room with high ceilings. Hang the fixture over the bed in the center or near the head of the bed

For a rustic or country-style bedroom, opt a standard canopy frame and use curtains that can go all the way around the bed.

Keep in mind there are some inexpensive tricks for the canopy bed can make it better such as the draperies and fabrics, these will make the room more romantic than before. Also try lace or velvet as draperies to your canopy.

Light fabric, such as satin or lace is amazing in the summer.

Remember fabrics should be lengthy instead of fabrics you can use shades or blinds

If you have a standard square-frame canopy bed, you can soften the lines with fabric.

But if you are in a cold winter and want to create cozy atmosphere go for thick drapes or acrylic for your canopy bed. Try to always use double rods and double drapes.

For girls, shades of pink for an entire room can be optimum.

Finally, the great idea is to use little twigs and tie them together to make a curtain.

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Pic via : stylisheve