Room in Matters of Design and Decoration

How to read and evaluate any room in matters of design and decoration?! When thinking about decorating a certain room, there are some points that you should naturally consider. There are three main points that will allow you to read any room and thus decorate it properly, curious yet? One of the most important points is the purpose of the room; every room design vary according to the purpose of it and so should the decoration. The idea is to have a harmonious and cohesive look for the room which blend the design, decoration and the tiniest details into one marvellous portrait. Another thing to consider is a ‘who’; as in who will occupy the room, but why is this important? Because everything in a room changes according to the occupants of the room; their ages and their taste.

You should be able to tell a lot about the people occupying a certain room once you enter it, not because you are skilled but because it is well organised to represent every single thing this person is about. For instance, the overall theme tells a lot about a person considering age, gender, thinking and health conditions in some cases. Did you know that a person who is over sixty requires 3.5 times light force of a person who is in his twenties to read? This should definitely tell you if you find a strong lighting system that a certain person likes reading in the bedroom or not.

Moreover, a room designed to be occupied by children should definitely be different from one that is designed for adults. Children rooms tend to be more energetic, gender specific and a true elaborate means to specify a child’s age and interests. The last factor that you might need to consider in decorating a room and at the same time enables you to read a room correctly is the space factor. Space is an important factor in room decoration to the extent that it can force you to change your desired thematic plans to fit into it. However, it is not true to think in favor of big spaces for instance as a good space is the one that is perfectly balanced no matter how big or small it might be. Thus purpose, occupants and space are the complex triad of decorating any room, and at the same time it is this triad and this one only that will enable you to read and evaluate any room in matters of design and decoration.

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