Rules of Having a Successful Living Room Design

No matter what design you choose for your bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and even patio areas, your living room is what eventually speaks of you. It’s what gives access to the rest of your home and thus what makes the first impression of your exclusive taste. It also has the maximum space size and it’s one of the few rooms that gather all family members and guests together. No wonder that careful planning has always been extremely recommended before taking the first half-step in designing living rooms.

First and foremost, create a sample layout plan on paper first – in which the furniture is arranged in a way that makes circulation easy and unhampered. Also, keep in mind that your living room is the only way through which all furniture pieces are transported in and out of your house. Therefore, allowing for unoccupied spaces will help ease the process and protect your furniture pieces.

Another thing to take into consideration when planning the layout is the maximum number that would gather in your living room in the future. For example, if you’re planning to throw parties and game nights, allow for seating sets that could comfortably accommodate all of your possible guests and family members.

When you’re left with choosing your living room color scheme, choose a warm and welcoming color and paint it on a canvas, then hang it on a wall for a bit. The color scheme could make or break a whole design and by watching your color on the canvas changing through all the effects of lights and shadows, you’ll know if that’s the right one or not.

One of the most bright and bold living room color schemes is the bohemian trend. It features painting walls with multiple layers of colors to create a natural beautiful effect. For instance, you could paint walls with a deep blue and wait till it dries. Then, apply another layer of a different color such as antique white which should also be let to dry. Finally use a sandpaper to scratch away the second layer and allow for the primary color to slightly appear.

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