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Rustic Home Interior Design

Rustic interior design is for those who like to spend time in the retro style places and love things that are old and antique. Those people love the warm and cozy feel of the countryside and would not be satisfied by any sophisticated design, no matter how new or contemporary it might look. Rustic interior design inspirations are nature-friendly and have an unaffected and simple aura.

If you are searching for unique furniture with rustic charm, reclaimed barnwood furniture would be an excellent choice for your home as it is a one-of-a-kind home furnishing. Reclaimed barnwood furniture is simple, solid and charming. This is furniture with a history and is often an art form in itself.

However, the prices of barnwood furniture may differ according to the rarity, age and condition of the wood, as well as the craftsmanship of the furnishings. You can use reclaimed barnwood furniture in styles such as rustic, cottage, contemporary and French country.

Wood ages differently according to the type of wood it is and the kind of climate it was exposed to. On one hand, reclaimed wood that was on the inside of the building will still maintain most of its natural color as it is kept away from direct sunlight and the other elements. On the other hand, wood that was exposed to the elements outdoors will be in silver-gray color that is associated with weathered wood.

Rustic reclaimed barnwood can also be used for outdoor seating such as benches, tables and chairs. They are attractive and bring a rugged look to your backyard or patio.

What you can use for accessories in rustic home are barnwood picture frames. You can also use accessories made of barnwood such as mirror frames, signs, plaques and trinket boxes.

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