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Rustic Italian Kitchen Curtain Designs

Do you want to isolate yourself from the crowded life outside and feel as if you are living among the greenery or the fantastic landscape? The rustic Italian designed home will be your best choice that will give you the utmost feeling of the pure life. Such a house will need a careful choice to every small or large piece including the curtains. This article will show you how to choose the right curtain for your rustic Italian kitchen.

The color of your rustic Italian kitchen curtain depends on your taste but should go with the design of your kitchen. The neutral colors such as ivory or beige or the muted colors like grey will go with any color you choose for the walls. Otherwise, you can use curtains with the different shades of cobalt blue, deep red, yellow, or sage green. You can opt for the patterned curtains that include flowers, fruit, herbs, or farm animal motifs.

Try to find curtains with thick and rough textures with the length that will match the size of your window to reflect the rustic feel in your kitchen. You can use natural fibers with blackout panels to clean them easily and give your kitchen a charming look at the same time. The white cotton curtain decorated with lace borders and plain tab tops will give your kitchen a sense of privacy.

The rustic Italian curtain accessories such as rods and hooks are usually made of wood, iron or brass and they extend out a few inches of the wall.If you need to add a formal look to your kitchen for the dinner parties with your friends and guests, you can install valances to the top of your window with bottom hems that reach the floor. You can add your personal touch to the room installing a thermal backing to conserve the heat in the cold winter nights.

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