The Secrets of Designing Your Small Kitchen and Bathroom with Charlie Allen Renovations

The successful kitchen and bathroom design can provide the place an aesthetic look getting the utmost function of the floor space. For this purpose, you can use additional drawers and cabinets, create multi-functional areas, let the natural light enter the place, and use light colors.

The elegance and functionality of every kitchen depends on the lifestyle and taste of its owners. If you have a large family and need to engage with them while cooking, you should create a kitchen with an integrated dining area or choose the open plan design.

If you have a shortage in space, Charlie Allen and his team can inspire you with their remodel to a home for entertaining creating drawers instead of the base cabinet with large island and pantry to provide the place enough storage spaces. The designers expend the opening of the kitchen to let the cooker communicate easily with the rest of family members.

In your modern tight bathroom, it is a great idea to use white and glass surfaces with a colorful touch. Charlie Allen and his team members apply such ideas to a small bathroom creating a skylight in the ceiling to provide the place plenty of natural light. In a Winchester bathroom, the team members design a cabinet above the toilet and a showerhead beside the toilet to make use of every single inch in the place.

You should consider the function and theme of your new bathroom in every step of your design. In your masculine bathroom, you can use contrasting colors such as black and white with fresh plants and polished chrome fixtures. The children bathroom needs small, fun, and playful components such as a child-sized toilet, a toy-looking chandelier or pendant lamp, and a low sink.