The Secrets of Designing a Sustainable Home with Christopher A Rose

The sustainable home is a place with ultimate functionality, yet it has less or no footprints upon nature. The futuristic home designs provide you innovative sustainable power sources like the solar power and the rechargeable batteries and nontoxic home appliances to enhance your eco-friendly trend.

Creating a perfect sustainable home begins from the construction stage, as you should use eco-friendly materials to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of the place. The double-glazed windows and fixed sunshades can reduce your energy usage and provide your home an airy look.

Inside your home, you can use natural materials such as bamboo, silk, and wool to provide the place a warm look. In an Oceanfront Shingle style home, Christopher A Rose and his team create a warm space with dentil molding crown, brown wooden furniture, oriental area rugs, large windows, and fresh plants.

The energy efficient lighting fixtures and kitchen appliances are perfect choices for your sustainable home. Whatever the home style you will choose, try to install high-end appliances operated by solar power or less electricity. You can find such appliances with touch screens and stylish designs to provide your kitchen a futuristic look. Try to use florescent or LED lighting fixtures to set your favorite mood in the place reducing your energy consumption at the same time.

The impact of fresh green plants and colorful flowers in addition to the natural scents into your sustainable home will enhance your mood regularly. If you can open your interior to the outdoor views using floor-to-ceiling windows or even glass walls, you will certainly create a harmony and magical look in the place. The last step is to insulate the floor, windows, and ceiling to keep the hot and cold air into your home saving the energy of your sustainable home.