The Secrets of Home Remodeling and outdoor Kitchen Design with 41 West Team

Owning a well design home will improve your mood, reflect your personality and lifestyle before your guests, and create an attractive look in the place. If you love the ornamented designs, the Aversanna and Veracruz Penthouses customized by the team of 41 West will inspire you greatly. The houses feature high ceilings, heavily ornamented ceilings, and creative moldings. The light brown color and the unique arrangement of framed pictures provide the place a special luxury and richness and the cream surfaces create a sense of balance in the place.

The floor-to-ceiling windows in such a high ceiling house create an airy and magical look. The secret in remodeling this home, according to the team, is to keep the high ornamented ceilings and to use a few reflective surfaces and colorful accessories to create a sense of balance in the place.
The whitewashed traditional Pelican Bay Carlton Place Villa has a cheerful and airy look.

The designers use such a color with brown accents and a colorful piece of art creatively to provide the place a comforting feel. The glass doors and mirrors improve the airy and spacious look of the place and reflect the outdoor marvelous views. If you have a similar home, you can remodel the look regularly using golden pillows and a lounge with different color or using a different lighting set.

It will be a marvelous idea to design an indoor or outdoor kitchen with a natural theme to enhance the friendly feel among your family members. According to the kitchen designs of 41 West team, if you have a front yard or a large balcony, you can install a vent hood, a cooktop, a barbeque, and a few cabinet pieces in addition to a dining table and chairs to let your family spend memorable times together. Instead, you can bring the natural elements inside your own kitchen beginning from the natural stone countertops to the fresh green plants.

Whether you need to remodel your home or design your kitchen or bathroom, you can make use of the experiences and secrets of an efficient team such as the 41 West, as they will listen to your point, draw a plan, show you the plan, and begin the actual work.