The Secrets of Inviting and Eclectic Home Style with Blackband Designs

Your home usually defines who you are and what you love. If your family members have different tastes, the eclectic style will create an amazing personal look in the place. This article will inspire the secrets of the harmonized eclectic look from Blackband designs.

The eclectic styled home can include a combination of modern and traditional elements, contrasting colors, or contrasting scales. Using contrasting colors will be perfect in the beach themed homes or in the kids’ room, as you can combine such elements using accessories.

As interior designers, the team of Blackband Designs use different natural colors including yellow, brown, white, red, green, and blue in Balboa Island home creating a colorful and airy look in the place. In La Costa home, the designers create an airy and inviting living space using a neutral colored based with red, blue, and brown accents to match the marvelous outdoor views.

If you will combine modern and traditional elements in your eclectic style home, you can devote a space for a space for the modern elements with a traditional background or vice versa. In the Crystal Cove, the team of Blackband Designs uses modern chairs with traditional accessories and fireplace and combines such elements with round shapes. You can just install modern framed paintings and use geometric shapes in a traditional home like Carlsbad to create an inviting and eclectic look in the place.

Using a unique piece of furniture to represent one of your family members or to add a certain feel to the place can create an interesting look. In Bay-shores, the team of Blackband Designs uses a reclaimed wood table to add warmth to the white walls and a unique patterned chair to keep the old feel of the place. Similarly, they add rustic seating feature to the Oceanfront Peninsula along with the upholstered traditional area to provide the place an authentic look.