The Secrets of Japanese and French Home Styles Inspired from CCB Designs

Choosing a Japanese or French home style depends on your personality and preferences. If you need to create balance, harmony, Purity, and integrity, you will certainly love your Japanese home style; yet, you can decorate your home using French style d├ęcor if you appreciate the original elegance.

To create an authentic Japanese look in your home, you will use simple and small items made of natural materials. In Austin, TX, the team members of CCB Designs create a relaxing master bathroom with a granite countertop, pecan cabinets with a clear coat, foldout teak wood seats, metal towel holders, a frosted glass room divider, pebble floor, and a high-tech showerhead to provide the place a Japanese look. To complete such a magical look, you can use candles with your favorite fragrance oil, water features, and green elements.

The French home style usually has fine architectural details, soaring ceilings, or detailed moldings and trims. If your home already has one of these features, try to display it using warm lighting fixtures.

You can use a large and simple piece of art to decorate a certain room along with parquet floor to create a minimalist and elegant look in the place. The team members of CCB Designs create an elegant look in the living space of an Austin home using a stone fireplace accent and a single painting above the mantel.

It will be an innovative idea to combine the elements of harmony and elegance placing your personal touch at the same time. For example, CCB Designs team members design a master bathroom for a geologist in South Austin using strange and original natural materials such as granite countertops, pecan wood cabinets, a large mirror, and Opal granite walls. If you are an artist, you can add a piece of art to such a place to highlight its aesthetic and personal look.