8 Secrets to Make Your Small Living Room Seem Spacious

There is no doubt that living room is the most important room in our houses. As it is used for welcoming guests, relaxation and reading books, etc. If you are stuck in a small living room. Don’t worry! There are many secrets that can help you to make your living appear larger.

1-The clutter: If your living room is too cluttered, you have to clean it instantly because clutter over time becomes a part of your living which can make a room appear smaller.

2- The windows: Always clean your window and Remove any heavy curtains or accent drapery from around the window. Opt for shiny windows since they’ll let in more light.

3- The mirrors: Mirrors are the magical tools you can use when decorating a home. You can place them in appropriate positions. Try putting them in front of the windows. In case you have small mirrors, you just put them at eye-level.

4- The colors: Avoid using dark and gloomy colors. Overly bright colors may not fit either. Use cozy, warm colors and tones to make the room appear open and more inviting.

5- The furniture: Avoid the too stuffy or large furniture. Go with the pieces which have a light and open design. Use tables that have multiple drawers underneath to avoid the clutter.

6- Fabrics: Use sheer drapes that make light fill the room. To add a feeling of space, hang the blind several inches above the actual window, and choose long panels.

7- The lighting: Put lights in any dark corners. Keep all the lights soft. The rail-runner lights are fit for small rooms if you install them on the walls. Besides, sun rays can add a natural and healthy light in your room.

8- The art: Try an abstract art piece or a unique sculpture. They can be placed on the table in the centre of the room.
Having a small living room is not a big deal. As long as you keep the above interior design tips in mind.