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Selecting Curtains For Your New Daughter’s Bedroom

If your little daughter has grown out of her baby bedroom and it is time to redecorate her bedroom to suit her new needs and you are not sure how to make a selection for the curtains for your little girl’s new bedroom design . The suitable curtains for little girls bedrooms come is a wide various of shapes , colors and materials . we will give you below a brief description for the different types of curtains that are suitable for little girls rooms .

Have a patterned curtains that complete the rest of the patterns in your daughter’s bedroom , for example if your daughter’s bedroom have butterflies , polka dots or fairies patterns choose curtains that have the same patterns but in a way to compliment and complete the look , careful don’t overdo it don’t make the room busy with too much details and patterns everywhere .

Have a one solid girly color like Pink Or Purple for your daughters bedroom curtains in case the room is busy with too much patterns in order not to confuse the eyes then it will be better to have a one solid color that will compliment the rest of the decor in your daughters bedroom .

Have a floral patterned curtains for your little girl’s bedroom , most little girl love flowers , having a floral patterned curtains for your daughters bedroom will make the room look fresh and will capture her eyes every time she goes in the room .

If your daughter enjoy the Disney princesses then having a Disney princesses theme curtains will make your daughter’s bedroom feel like an imaginary little world that fascinate her .

Choose Sheer curtains with valances if you don’t mind sunlight in your daughter’s bedroom they will give the room a clean touch while the valances could be chosen complimenting the existing dominating pattern in your daughter’s bedroom .

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