5 Sensational Decorations Hung Above Your Bed

Bedrooms are places of rest and relaxation. It is important to decorate them well, because how well a bedroom is decorated effects how relaxed you feel when you are in it. When people start furnishing their bedrooms they seem to neglect the space above their beds. Read about the things you could hang above your bed to decorate your bedroom.

1- The most common thing that comes to mind when speaking about the above the bed decorations is artwork. Mount a painting that has colors that matches – and contrasts – with the colors of your bedroom. Choose a big painting since the bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom.

2- If you are looking for something to decorate the space above your bed on a small budget, then fabrics are a great choice. The patterns printed on fabrics are limitless and can suit any decor. Different fabrics – not just different patterns- have different effects on your bedroom look. Choose one suitable for the materials and decor of your bedroom.

3- Another great – if expensive – choice for decoration hung above the bed is folding screens. Folding screens are made using wood, mirrors, metals and glass. With materials like these, a folding screen gives your bedroom an elegant luxurious touch.

4- Mirrors are also great hung above your bed. Choose a mirror with a decorated frame to give your bedroom a lovely touch. They are also great if your room is small. Mirrors make spaces look larger.

5- A canopy is an above the bed decoration perfect for traditional design. IT is more preferred by women. The canopy can separate the bed from the rest of the room and thus can be made from netting that could protect you from flies and bugs while you sleep.

Decorating your bedroom is important for your life. With better surroundings, you will feel more relaxed and will sleep more easily.

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