Shabby Chick Design – Creative and Simple Shabby Chick Design Ideas

If you are looking for a design that depends on using old and cheep materials and still looks amazing, then you are in the right place. The shabby chick design is one of the simplest designs that you can ever apply to your house. It’s a very valuable design as well, because it mainly depends on using the old valuable stuff that we love.

The shabby design may sound a little strange for you, because however it depends on using old stuff, it can look fashionable in the same time. The things that you will use will look old, but they are brand new and stylish. Using brand new furniture pieces doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and use any old furniture piece you have to add to your shabby design.

The main colors that fit the shabby design is the pastel and light colors like, white, ivory, pink, light blue, etc. The strips, floral prints, lace, large stuffed chairs are the main features that you can use to achieve the shabby chick design in your home. Putting some vintage antiques and accessories like metal and copper table lamps, French table clock, tea sets with floral prints, wooden wind up wall clocks, will definitely enhance the beauty of the shabby chick design that you seek for.

Generally, mirrors are one of the most decorative pieces that you can use in any design. Hence, look for a mirror with special style like, Juliette mirror design, renaissance mirror design or any other design with carved wooden or metal frame and hang it on your wall. The best place to put your shabby styled mirror is above the fireplace, in the dining room, above the toilette sink or in your bedroom.

Adding the amazing pieces like throw pillows, blankets and rugs in shabby design sounds more than perfect. Look for the throw pillows that have floral prints in blue and pink colors, the throw blankets should be made of materials like, Kashmir, crochet and fur and choose rugs with special styles like, Shakespeare fur and damask styles.

Storage places present a big part of the shabby chick design, so make sure to choose them carefully. The best matching styles of the storage places that you can use are like, whicker baskets, they can be used for both storing your shoes and as a decorative piece in your living room. Rattan baskets can be used for storing the kids’ toys, books or vegetables and for sure they will look so amazing and stylish in any room.

The trunks can be used for both storing stuff and as a decorative side table in any room like living rooms or bedrooms. Curio cabinets will be such an amazing choice to store your glass dish sets and your valuable English tea set in and for sure it can be used as a stylish shabby piece in your dining room.

Choosing the suitable lighting fixtures is essential to complete the shabby design in your house, so make sure to choose them in light colors as well like pink and light blue. The lighting fixtures materials should be made of metal or wood and decorated with crystals, floral prints or beads. Avoid choosing the advanced lighting fixtures that use on and off switches and look for the fixtures that use chains or dangling threads to double the effect of the shabby design.

When you choose the curtains make sure to use them in heavy materials and avoid the other modern material like sheer layers. Remember, stick to the light pink, blue or any light or pastel color when you choose the curtains and don’t forget to look for curtains with floral prints or ruffles.

Distressed, peeled paints, cracked and sanded are the main features that should be in the furniture pieces that you choose, so you can apply the shabby design successfully. If you already have the furniture pieces and you only want to change them into the shabby look, us the help of a sand paper and scrub off the paint till you reach to that level in which the natural wood color is exposed.

To completely apply the shabby look to your furniture pieces, replace the modern knobs of the doors, windows and drawers with old ones made of porcelain, metal or glass. I think you noticed that metal has a major part in making the shabby designs, so what about repainting your old iron bed and replace it with the wooden bed you have in your bedroom? A large farm house dining table with mismatched dining chairs would be the best shabby dining set you can put in your dining room.

Finding the shabby chick stuff will be much easier if you look for them in the flea markets and garage sales; you will find what you need and more in these places. The ideas are uncountable, just stick to the basic rules of the colors and the styles and you will perfectly achieve the shabby chick design you want.