Shelves House – The Art of Shelving

Shelving is a real art that teaches us about priority, space and beauty. If you are in a house that is cluttered with a lot of stuff, then shelving is an option you might want to consider. If you are asking yourself why did we call it art? Then wait no more, in most houses shelves are just another boring stuff that add to the clutters we have been talking about. The number one thing you need to learn about shelves is that they are actually a wonderful piece of decor that can add up to the sophistication of your house.

The second thing to learn about shelves is that they complement the overall theme of your house, that is, they are not an after thought like “oh damn, the house is full of stuff let’s buy some shelves to put them on”. Having known that, the first thing to consider while buying shelves is the theme and the style your room provides. In a living room, for example, a 24 inch shelve with some floral arrangements and an outstanding vase with a picture of your family will be an amazing add to your room. .

furthermore, a dining room could use a very trendy outstanding piece that is called a wrought iron wall bracket in which the shelve itself is made of dark wood and the support is made of wrought iron that has been beautifully twisted. Similarly, in the kitchen with your stainless steel backsplash a beautiful metallic shelf will be something beautiful to lay your kitchen utensils upon. The choices are endless, now pick yours!

Pics Via : karasdomesticlife

Pics Via : theartofdoingstuff