Shower Curtains – Glass Films Instead Of Shower Curtains

The typical ordinary bathroom shower and windows plastic curtains most of the times don’t meet the elegance and sophistication level of the sleek faucets and modern lavatories and bath tubes , so instead of adding or enhancing the sleek look in the bathroom they make the bathroom end up looking odd and not matched properly or tastefully . That end up frustrating the bathroom users , Even though bathroom shower curtains and windows curtains can be found nowadays in a very wide variety of patterns , colors , and materials they still don’t blend properly with the rest of the sleek lines for the countertops and the modern faucets and cabinets .

The solution is easy and often used and chosen by house owners , instead of using plastic shower curtains opt to have elegant shower glass doors , the shower glass doors help to make the bathroom look like it is more opened not cut and partitioned in half which make the bathroom look larger than it is .

As for your bathroom windows , remove the bathroom windows curtains and replace them with elegant glass windows . play with the framing of the window as it will be the element that generate the look and ambiance of the bathroom , match it up with the rest of the colors of the tiles and countertops in your bathroom .

The decorative glass films are found with too many patterns that you are sure to find what suits your bathroom and enhance its appearance , glass films that block the view but don’t block the sunlight can be used to suffice you from using bathroom shower and windows curtains .

The choice will be taken according to the overall theme of your bathroom , For example if you have an Asian theme in your bathroom you can look for glass films for your shower doors that enhance the Asian appeal , the choices and varieties are too much, choose what suit your bathroom and serve your needs . consider that same glass film for your shower doors might not suit the windows .

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