Simple Decorative Touches to Refresh the Look of Your Living Space Inspired from the Designs of Michelle Lynne

Are you waiting for the next remodel to change the décor of your living space and enhance the entire look of your home? Actually, most of the interior designers including- Michelle Lynne- recommend a regular maintenance and refreshment to the movable elements of your living space to keep your home up-to-date all the time.
The clean and well-organized space doesn’t need too many decorative elements, as it can help you spend comfortable and peaceful life.

To maintain such a look, you can try Lynne’s ideas such as installing drawer organizers to store your paper and mail and hiding your clothes and supplies back in the closet or laundry room. If your living space includes a media center with closed or open shelves, try to display the existing functional elements in a decorative way to enhance the personal look of the place.

If you love a specific theme or style, you can use a few touches of such a style and make sure they will blend with your home décor. For example, Michelle recommends Boho chic style if you love the eclectic look with artistic and retro elements.

You can still use lanterns, vintage decorative pieces, Tibetan area rugs, poufs, and Moroccan wedding blankets to provide your existing home a Boho chic look. To add a touch of glamour or Hollywood regency, it will be a great idea to recover the existing furniture with velvet, skin, or leather fabrics or use metallic accessories, tufted furniture, crystals, or even glossy lacquer painted furniture.

To add a fresh and airy touch to your living space, the beach chic style with its light colored accessories and fluency of natural light and air will be your best choice. Just add a few decorative touches to blend with your home décor and you will certainly love such a peaceful home.