Simple Ideas to Incorporate Metallic Accents into Your Living Room and Kitchen on Budget Inspired from Cynthia Masters’ Projects

The homeowners might see the metallic accents as an old fashion option that can harm eyes or a perfect decorative option that can create a shimmery, glamorous, and iridescent look. Whether you adopt the first or second point of view, Cynthia Masters will provide you a few inspirations to choose the perfect spots and amounts to incorporate such accents into your kitchen and living room.

The versatile and glamorous silver finishes create a unique sophistication and sparkle in your living room. Cynthia loves to draw attention in a certain contemporary room surrounding the frames of ceilings and moldings with metallic silver paint along with neutral colored surfaces and a pop of colorful and natural elements such as the eclectic Charleston living room.

To create a textured and layered feel in your traditional living room, the coppered tone sofas with terra cotta table lambs and the textured golden and bronze glass mosaic tiles surrounding the fireplace like such a weaver residence will be a perfect option.

The copper gas lanterns and bronze door hardware in addition to golden works of art and ivory leather decorative elements like this Owens residence will bring an outdoor charming touch to your home. If you can use such metallic-colored glass tiles as ceiling-reaching backsplashes, they will certainly reflect the natural or artificial light enhance the open and airy look of the place.

The details are the most effective decorative elements in your living room. Cynthia Masters and her team master the art of details, as they install embroidered curtains, wall treatments, vinyl covered chairs with bronze nails, brass and glass table lamps, and a golden geometric shaped chest with Asian influence in a Marsh mountain home.