6 Simple Tips for a Cleaner and Tidier Furniture

Certainly we all love to see our homes in the finest form , But unfortunately this takes a long time and a large effort . Many women believe that cleaning the house is an extremely difficult task , Therefore, we will provide you with several simple Tips to help you in cleaning the house and make it look more beautiful .

1- Change brushes beds and furniture
change your bed linens and furniture covers , It is possible also arrange Cushion found on the sofa .

2- spray cleaning solutions :
use cleaning detergents on the glass surfaces before start cleaning. Wait Until the liquid interacts with dirt and can easily be removed, specially in places with plenty of smooth surfaces like the bathroom and the kitchen.

3- Rearrange the rooms :
bring in a large box and Put all the things that you do not needs such as papers , books , baby toys and magazines inside . That makes you feel like the room became more beautiful and spacious .

4- Polishing mirrors and glass is something you should not underestimate for a cleaner house. Use two polishing cloths, one wet and the other dry to polish mirrors and glass to make them more wonderful.

5- bathroom and kitchen :
You’ve already sprayed the appropriate cleaning solutions in the kitchen and bathroom. Now, Use a brush or sponge to clean up easily.

6- Use a vacuum cleaner: finally; Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up all that remains of dust in the house completely .
cleaning house isn’t very difficult task . It only requires you to make a list of simple steps for cleaning without much trouble or great effort .