5 Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet

Are you satisfied with how you carpet looks? Do you think that no matter how much you vacuum it, it stays dirty? Would you love to see it clean again but you do not know how to clean it and what to use for it? We will answer here all your questions about cleaning carpets with these simple tips.

1- Make sure you vacuum your carpet in a different way every time. People tend to form habits even when they do the most basic things. According to Martha Stewart, you have to try different angles and corners every time you vacuum your carpet, so that you could reach dirt that is not accessible if you vacuum it a certain way on a regular basis.

2- You have a nasty stain on your carpet? Then why don’t you try this stain removing mixture Martha thought of? Mix Rubbing Alchol + Peroxide + Ammonia + Vinegar. These chemicals usually remove almost any type of stubborn stain you might have on your carpet.

3- For immediate stains, mix Borax and cornmeal and rub the stain gently with this mixture (use gloves). Then vacuum it an hour later and you will find that the stains and molds have disappeared.

4- You feel that your room stinks and after thoroughly searching you find that your carpet is the reason? Then you need to freshen it up. If you can not send your carpet to the dry cleaners try this mixture: Baking Soda + cloves + Rosemary + cinnamon. Sprinkle this mixture on your carpet and vacuum it off later.

5- Deep-clean your carpet professionally once or twice a year. Hire or consult a professional for your carpet cleaning. Consider it a long term investment that will keep your carpet clean, odor-free and mold-free. With these tips your carpet will always look clean and beautiful even if you have it for decades.