Simple Tips to Teach You how to Decorate with Toile de Jouy

Toile de Jouy is a rich and elaborate but elegant and beautiful French decorative pattern. Of course since it is a heavy pattern, using it in décor can be kind of tricky. This why we are here, to help you learn how to decorate with this gorgeous pattern.

1- It is possible to decorate your walls with wallpapers in Toil de Jouy pattern. However, décor trends where the wallpapers have heavy patterns are usually rare. So I advise you to avoid Toile de Jouy wallpapers unless you are following a certain theme that requires them.

2- If you need to combine toile de Jouy, it has to be with things in simple geometric patterns and neutrals. Don’t use too many colors or you will ruin its beauty.

3- Over using toile de jouy pattern means too many visual elements, which gives a messy look. So if the bed linens or duvet and pillowcases are in Toile patterns, the headboard needs to have no patterns of any kind at all. What is more important than combining Toile with solid colors, is combining toile with Bright solid colors. If there is a center piece in the room with Toile de Jouy pattern, then the items in dark colors surrounding should be few.

4- If you already have furniture and walls in solid colors, and want to “Frenchize” things with some Toile de Jouy then how about some Toile curtains? Or even some Toile slipover covers and pillowcases? And for an added bonus, stains do not show easily in Toile patterns so you will not need to wash them often.

5- Some colors in Toile de Jouy patterns need special care. For example, Toile de Jouy in red, purple and gold cannot be used abundantly, even with the rules we have mentioned before. Limit toile de Jouy in these colors to few carefully chosen accessories, like an ottoman top, a vanity chair pillow, few cushions or the back of a display rack.